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Basecoating has never been easier. No need to transfer designs with these. Put down your flat color with stencils and save time. Spend that extra time on adding more details or creating multiple products. In the time it would take to transfer a design and add color with a brush, you can have 6 items basecoated. They have holes for easy binder storage. Base shapes lend themselves for multiple application, use over and over. Start your collection today.

$5.99 each -Buy 5 or more and save! Choose the stencil discount item and put in the number of stencils you are buying to get the $.99 discount on each stencil. They will then be only $5.00 each.

5 or More Stencil Discount for BCS 100, 200 & 300 Series Stencils (Reg. $5.99)
Summer Shapes Stencil (BCS370)
Our Price:  $5.99  
Ice Pops Shapes Stencil (BCS369)
Our Price:  $5.99  
Ice Cream Shapes Stencil (BCS368)
Our Price:  $5.99  
Mason Jar Shapes Stencil (BCS367)
Our Price:  $5.99  
Mason Jar Words Stencil (BCS366)
Our Price:  $5.99  
Picnic BBQ Words Stencil (BCS365)
Our Price:  $5.99  
Summer Fun Words Stencil (BCS364)
Our Price:  $5.99  
Ice Pops Words Stencil (BCS363)
Our Price:  $5.99  
Lemonade Words Stencil (BCS362)
Our Price:  $5.99  
Ice Cream Words Stencil (BCS361)
Our Price:  $5.99  
Heart Collection Stencil (BCS360)
Our Price:  $5.99  
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