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Stencils used in Pattern Packets

  CCB = Creative Coach Basecoat    
  AT = American Traditional      
  DB = Delta Background      
  PL = Plaid      
  II - Instant Images      
Pattern# Pattern Packets CCB Stencils Stamps  
  2017 Releases      
2017001 It’s the Most Wonderful Time BCS221,273,283 CRR144,CRP248
2017002 Winter Wonder Gift Tag BCS250,268,283,289 CRR144,CRP248
2017003 Hocus Pocus Grooved Pumpkin BCS109,231,232,291,301,274,    
2017004 Ghouls Night Out Med Palette BCS112,188,189,291,301,321    
2017005 Star Spangled Banner Palette BCS160,312,324,235 ASCRS06  
2017006 Happy Easter Med Palette BCS187,199,294,310    
2017007 Into the Wood with Friends BCS326,229,238,274    
  2016 Releases      
2016001 Cup of Snow BCS240,251,283    
2016002 Winter Welcome BCS185,250,261,263,274,283    
2016003 Let the Good Times Snow Sign BCS251,268    
2016004 I'll Be Back Again BCS270,273,283,289,311,313    
2016005 Summer Nights Camping BCS108,217,238,287,295,311    
2016006 Merry Christmas Santa Letters BCS283,323 CRS5069  
2016007 Fresh Snow Letters BCS117,118,119,120,283,284, CRR234,CRS5069
2016008 Hanging Jack Letters BCS112,264,265,298,311,301    
2016009 Merry Deer Letters BCS309,310,251,268,323 CRR144,ASCRS06
2016010 Wish Upon the Stars BCS238,274,327    
  2015 Releases      
2015001 Coffee Time Anytime Board BCS147,224,284 DecoArt ASMM01
2015002 Happily Ever Afte JumboTagFen BCS132,199,231,213,279,313,    
2015003 Tapestry Jumbo Tag Fence BCS199,219,251,302    
2015004 Trick or Treat Jumbo Tag Fenc BCS197,231,232,252,257,301    
  2014 Releases   Instant Images
2014001 Picnic Purse BCS252,253,266    
2014002 Fall Checkerbd Mail Box BCS195,232,252,266,267,278    
2014003 Lady Bug Mail Box BCS195,229,230,233,242,266    
2014004 Snowman Purse BCS102,251,268    
2014005 Rabbit Welcome Arched Sign BCS229,250    
2014006 Happy Holidays BCS222,240,283,299    
2014007 Fall Welcome Palette Sign BCS133,238,250,284,303    
2014008 Winter Wel Palette Sign BCS211,250,283,285,287    
2014009 Believe in Santa BCS160,240,256,283,286    
  2013 Releases      
2013001 Fall Sampler BCS189,245,256,264,273,274    
2013002 Bird Ornaments BCS263    
2013003 Seasonal Sentiment Orn. BCS256,270    
2013004 Create From Your Heart BCS259; Alpha101,102,103    
2013005 Spring Surprises BCS224,253,256,266,272    
2013006 Spring Fling Mixed Media Tin BCS272,273,197,238    
2013007 Spring Garden Mixed Media Pl BCS243,269,249,215,224,242    
2013008 Ghostly Favorites BCS233,252,257,264,267    
2013009 Boo by the Moon Plaque BCS112,224,233,238,257,265,    
2013010 Sweet Land of Liberty BCS160,197,252,273,274    
2013011 Star Spangled Sam Plaque BCS160,199,227  Alpha101    
2013012 Mixed Media Floral Wreath      
2013013 Twisted Snowman Ornaments BCS252,269,284    
2013014 Santa Claus is Coming BCS224,233,238,260,266,269,    
2013015 Snowman Wel Lg Deep Plaque BCS224,250,268,269,274,278,    
    283.284,287 Alpha101    
2013016 Winter Swirls & Flourish Wel BCS250,251,252,261,263,266,    
2013017 Winter Snowman Welcome BCS224,250,253,261,263,268,    
2013018 Snow Graffiti BCS151,263,268,283,284,287    
2013019 Santa's Midnight Ride BCS234,238,283,285    
2013020 Musical Hoots BCS252,256,275,283,287    
2012001 Wise Owl Pin/Magnet BCS217,224,225    
2012002 Believe Note Holder Box BCS240,224,228,253,256    
2012003 Cold Hands…Warm Hearts BCS185,217,224,248,251,252    
2012004 Fall Scarecrow Welcome Bd BCS232,240,250,252,255,256    
2012005 Take Time to Enjoy Life BCS229,230,238,249,252    
2012006 Who Loves You Owl Hanging BCS240,250,252,253,256    
2012007 Candy Bear Treat Dispenser BCS117,222,235,254,225    
2012008 Wise Owl Word Trio BCS253,254,256    
2012009 Fall Hallow Baskets BCS232,233,217,238,252,255,    
2012010 Owl Fence BCS217,238,252,253,256    
2012011 Santa Whirl Wind Fence BCS199,253,265,266,268    
2012012 Snowmen Whirl Wind Fence BCS242,263,251,268    
2012013 Happy Fall Friends Fence BCS125,160,224,232,243,256,    
    258, 267    
2012014 Trick or Treat Pumpkin Fence BCS113,199,222,232,233,235,    
2012015 Winter Welcome Tin Planter BCS217,221,248,251    
2012016 Owl Mixed Media Plaque BCS230,251,253,270    
2012017 Warm Wishes Heart Tin BCS102,248,251,252    
2012018 Poinsettia Mixed Media Bd BCS256,269    
2012019 Winter Wel. Mixed Media Bd BCS224,250,251,263,269    
2012020 Cardinal Mixed Media Tin BCS195,224,251,269    
2012021 Live the Life You Dream MM BCS107,134,197,199,224,225,    
  2011 Releases      
2011001 Welcome Friends Rabbit Ban BCS132,230,240    
2011002 Catch the Creative Bug…Paint BCS230   Alpha101    
2011003 Garden Beetle BCS190,203,238    
2011004 Snowbird Lovers BCS239    
2011005 Halloween Home Cookin' BCS238,240    
2011006 Big Paint Brush BCS203,208    
2011007 Fall Buzz&Ghostly Card TinPkt BCS232,233    
2011008 Spring Mansion Scalloped Bd BCS122,132,190,197,229,233    
2011009 All the Buzz Hanging BCS241    
2011010 Winter Wish Hanging BCS186,221,239    
2011011 Puppy Luv Hanging BCS122,194,240    
2011012 Patchwork Snowman BCS239,240    
2011013 Snowman Dome Orn. BCS157,247,248    
2011014 Top Hat Snowman Orn BCS217    
2011015 Snowman Crooked Birdhouse BCS102,122,125,219,220,221    
  2010 Releases      
2010001 Winter Wonderland Dream  BCS139,150,185,206    
  Hanging Snowman      
2010002 Possibilities are Endless BCS107,136,195,220,221,    
2010003 Ghost Boo Hanging BCS112,222,224    
2010004 Love, Laugh Live Frog Hanging BCS224,229    
2010005 Red, White & Blue Tags/Pins BCS114,122,124,125    
2010006 Halloween Trio Circle Tag/Pins BCS193    
2010007 Paint Girl Clipboard BCS122,190,190,195,206    
2010008 Believe Banner Board BCS122,160,205    
2010009 Santa Believe Hanging BCS199,225,234 IIJ05  
2010010 Thanks Pilgrim Hanging   IIJ05  
2010011 Haunted Mansion BCS197,232,233  Alpha 102    
2010012 Four Seasons Board BCS125,146,203,211,218,220,    
    223,229,230,232 Alpha103    
  2009 Releases      
2009001 Rusted Tin Ornament Trio   IIP12,IIJ08,IIP14
2009002 Winter/Spring 12" Clothes Pins BCS109,110,139,157,211,218 IIJ08,IIJ02,IIJ10
2009003 Summer/Fall 12" Clothes Pins BCS111,122,211 IIP01,IIJ06,IIJ11
2009004 Garden Pals BCS109,130,132,135 Delta Strokework
2009005 Snow Friends Winter Welcome BCS101,122,139,149,157,163 Delta Scroll  
2009006 Life's A Picnic Basket      
2009007 Snow for All      
2009008 Arched Blossom Candle BCS109,190,202,204,208 IIJ12  
2009009 Painter's Brush Tote BCS109,195,203,208 IIP03,IIJ12  
2009010 Black Cat Jumbo Tag w/ Stand BCS108,112,113,133,189,193    
2009011 Fall Antique White Card Pkt BCS111,125,145,193    
2009012 Fall Mini-Banners BCS108,111,114,125,159,189, IIJ07  
2009013 Welcome Friends Pond Banner BCS132,149,160,191,212,216    
2009014 Bugs Feast Tins BCS132     
2009015 Winter Antique White Card Pkt BCS109,125,186,196,211    
2009016 Winter Scalloped Mini-Banner BCS102,106,122,184,186,205,    
2009017 Fall Tin Pockets BCS217 IIP11, IIP13, IIP15
  2008 Releases      
2008001 Fall Greetings Small Screen BCS111,113,114,122,182,211,    
2008002 Smile Believe Small Screen BCS186,216,217,218,219    
2008003 Spring Magic Small Screen BCS109,131,211,213    
2008004 Warm Winter Wel. Arch Fence BCS151,160,186,211,218,219,    
2008005 Santa Standup BCS136,158,205,216  IIJ05   
2008006 Snow Standup BCS138,139,186,216,218  IIJ05   
2008007 Halloween Standup BCS112,114,143,188  IIJ05   
2008008 Thanksgiving Board BCS111,113,187,203,220    
2008009 Halloween Star Chimes BCS143  IIJ07,IIP13  
2008010 Fall Halloween Barrel Staves BCS146  IIP11,IIJ06,IIP13,IIP15
2008011 Rusted Tin Dimensional Start    IIJ09,IIP12,IIP14
2008012 Snowflake Chimes BCS218  IIP12,IIJ08,IIP14,IIJ09




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