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Family Recipe
©2006 Laurie Speltz
Square Tin with 8 Page Accordion Album
Optional – Quilt Block, Stars and Heart Stencil (Item# BCS122)
Optional – Small/Medium Action Snowman Stencil (Item# BCS140)
Optional – Kitchen Words Stencil (Item# BCS154)
Optional – Small Snowman Stencil (Item# BCS157)
Scrapbook Paper
Black Permanent Ink Pen
Delta Acrylic Matte Finish
Palette-Delta Ceramcoat
Terra Cotta, Dark Goldenrod, Red Iron Oxide, Maple Sugar Tan, Spice
Brown, Spice Tan, Candy Bar Brown, Gypsy Rose, Black, Old
Parchment, Lt. Ivory
Black Gold by Dynasty
Series# 206S Shader: 2,6,10
Series# 206FW Flat Glaze: 3/4"
Series# 206A Angular Shader: 1/2"
Series#206L Liner: 1, 2, 20/0
Stencil Brush or Dry Brush 
Painting Instructions
Cut piece of scrapbook paper the same size as the lid.
Terra Cotta – Large gingerbread, left and right gingerbread
Dark Goldenrod – Two small gingerbread in middle
Red Iron Oxide – Large red heart
Maple Sugar Tan – Word "recipe" 
Spice Brown – Shade gingerbread
Spice Tan – Shade word "recipe"
Candy Bar Brown – Shade large red heart
Gypsy Rose – Highlight large red heart 
Gypsy Rose – Dry brush cheek
Candy Bar Brown – Dark red lines on large red heart, dark red heart and
dark red buttons, float ground underneath gingerbread
Red Iron Oxide – Red hearts
Black – Eyes
Old Parchment – Stars
Maple Sugar Tan – Word "Family"
Lt. Ivory – White trim and dots on gingerbread, pupil of eyes, highlight
dots on large red heart
Black Permanent Ink Pen – Add all detail
Spray with several coats of an acrylic matte finish. Attach paper to
cover of tin with a dry adhesive. Use the inside pages (album) to
include copies of your favorite recipes and treats. There are endless
possibilities of using the fold outs

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1996-2021 Laurie Speltz

All rights reserved.

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